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All the Money in the World: What is a human life worth?

If you’re looking for a film which will tug at your heart strings, look no further than this year’s All The Money In The World, a film about human life, sacrifice, and the people who put money first. Although the main cast are not relatable, everyday people, their moral questions and troubles are parallel to […]


15 documentaries or documentary series that you will actually want to watch.

Let’s face it, most documentaries are not exactly thrilling. Plenty of them are just a constant stream of very specialized images that are only really interesting to people with nothing to do or to experts in a very particular field of research or work. Many more are far too detailed, or far too tedious, they […]


Top Witch Movies

The Supernatural and the Occult have always held the public interest, so it is only natural that Hollywood would find such topics good subjects around which to make movies. Some of the most amusing and even terrifying movies revolve around the subject of witches. Here are some of the top Witch movies that have entertained […]


Talented Actors The World Lost In 2013

We flock to the theaters to see them, allow them into our homes through our television sets and DVD players, feel as though we know them, and even as though they are welcome Friday night friend, so it is only right that we note their passing with a touch of sadness and a sense of […]


Watching Movies Online

It’s About Time We Can Watch Movies Online Without Downloading If we stamp our feet hard enough, seems we get what we want from the film and technology industries that provide top-notch entertainment. Once just a Pollyanna vision of the future, today we can watch movies online without downloading from a pick of high-quality providers […]