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What went right and what went wrong at the Oscars?

This year’s Oscars, like every year, had their ups and downs. Some good things, some bad things, some laughter, some crying, so many inspirational speeches and hilarious quotes. So here are some of the things that were totally perfect and some things that totally panned. What went right: Patricia Arquette’s speech. Patricia Arquette’s acceptance speech […]


The 12 Best Things That Happened At The Oscars.

The Oscars are always an awesome time of year for all film lovers. Whether your favorite film was nominated or neglected, you want to see who wins Best. There is always everyone’s darling and our most hated celebs there. And I’m pretty sure that they always nominate something awful and controversial just to get us […]


The 10 Most Cringe-Worthy Things That Happened This Oscars.

Every year we gather round the TV to watch the Oscars. And some pretty sweet stuff happens there. Some talented actors and actresses win some prizes, we hear about the best short films, we learn that apparently our favorite films are rubbish and we should develop some taste. But, insulting our favorite films aside, some […]