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South Beach, Florida

South Beach is a neighborhood and a beach in Miami Florida and one of the hot spots of rich and famous including Hollywood stars Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez. South Beach or Sobe as it affectionately called is different from many of the other vacation spots celebrities choose to visit. Places like Carbo San Lucas, […]


Carbo San Lucas, Mexico

Anyone who has picked up a People magazine in the last few years has probably at least caught a glimpse of Jennifer Aniston frolicking in the waters or relaxing on a


Anguilla Hot Spot For Hollywood

While some people may view Hollywood stars as a type of American Royalty, the truth is that they are just like the rest of us in many ways. Despite their high figure salaries, stars tend to work hard at their craft and when they get time off they want to enjoy a relaxing vacation. For […]


Star Studded Aspen

Located in the a remote area of the Rocky Mountains, Aspen, Colorado had began as a rather humble mining village. When the mining of the area died out, so too did most of the Aspen population, leaving behind a small village, with little work and even less appeal until a visionary, saw this village and […]