Our Christmas Gift Guide

Is it that time of year again? Yes, why yes it is. And if you’re reading this, there’s probably someone out there you just can’t think of a present for. Maybe you have got something perfect for everyone else in the family, but are stumped as to what to get for one particular person. Or maybe you are never quite sure what to get anyone and are currently panicking at how much is left to get, and how little time you have to work it out. Well have no fear, we have compiled our Christmas guide to help you with those tough items to get, ensuring that the present you buy is value for money, gets used thoroughly by its recipient, and seems as thoughtful and planned as anyone else’s gift… all delivered by Amazon, in perfect time to wrap for Christmas!

1: Star Wars Box set.

For all the nerds, die-hard fans or simply the nostalgic people who grew up on the original and/or the prequel trilogies, this makes an amazing gift. Especially considering that we have just embarked on a new adventure with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Many will want to introduce the films to their uninitiated loved ones, relive the old series, and new fans will want to catch up on everything they have missed so far. A perfect gift for any one of the millions who enjoyed the last film.

2: Dog jockey.

For pet owners or the family pet, a novelty gift that keeps on giving. It’s always hard to buy for puppies. They can’t tell you what they want, will not appreciate anything too new or unexpected and really can’t tell the difference between Christmas and any other day of the year other than the presence of a roast dinner they wish you would share with them. So this little jockey can fill the blank a bit better for you. Sitting astride the dog, he will keep your pet warm and offer entertainment to all the family by lurching as the dog runs.

3: Chocolate hamper.

Unless we’re shopping for someone who hates chocolate: you can’t go wrong with chocolate. And there is no better way to gift chocolate than to find a hamper tailored to the recipient’s needs. There are chocolate hampers for everyone, from dark to milk to white chocolate, hot chocolate sets, to chocolate bar collections as well.

4: Language guides.

We’re fast approaching the New Year, and with New Years come resolutions, academic qualifications and plans of travel to exotic places. If you know a student or an adventurer who is embarking on a new mission in 2017, a language guide is the perfect gift for them. Even if they aren’t quite decided on where they want to go or what they want to do yet, a well-selected language guide might nudge them in the right direction. Available as sets, in audio format, and as simple travel books, there are guides for every language learner.

5: Winter gear.

Shopping for the fashion conscious can be a bit of a nightmare. You know that the only thing you can get them which will withstand the test of time is clothing. But you also know that trends change far faster than you’re used to, so if you get the clothing wrong it might not be in fashion for years. And they’re even less likely to use something out of fashion than something that isn’t clothes related. This year two easy-to-get Winter trends focus on cats and weird stripes. Try and nab them some faux big cat furs or some unevenly striped jumpers, and you’ll have a happy fashionista.

6: Harry Potter, Terry Pratchett or Roald Dahl book series.

For the young readers among us, what is better than the gift of a book? Well, the gift of a complete book set of course! Three timeless collections for the eager young reader are the Harry Potter series, or the complete collections of the works of Terry Pratchett or Roald Dahl. A bit of magic, a bit of mystery, a bit of adventure and wonder and comedy and thriller. Everything young readers have always loved and will always love.

7: Ultimate HD TV or Virtual Reality Headset.

HD is getting HD-er, that is: higher definition. The highest resolution HD televisions are bigger, brighter, more focused and richer in colour than ever before and it’s definitely time for all of us to get an upgrade. But if you have someone in your life who is a true technovore, they may have spent all their time and money gathering the amazing releases from earlier this year. Make 2017 amazing for them and grab them a new HD TV or a VR headset to keep them busy and entertained… until the next innovation comes along, of course.

8: Yankee Candles Christmas boxes.

Any domestic God or Goddess needs to have a perfect house this time of year. But this time of year is exactly the time when it’s less likely to be perfect: mud and rain outside, people tramping in and out of the home, endless supplies of food, meals outside the dining room, people drinking too much, wrapping paper everywhere… They will find their little haven turning into a mess every time they close their eyes. A way to help them make the home lovely for Christmas is to get them some deliciously scented Yankee Candles. Although it may be best to give the gift a week or two early!

9: Hatchimals.

For children it can be hard to work out exactly what they want or need. Parents get them their bare essentials, and they have a list of gifts as long as their arm. It can be hard to tell exactly what to get them at that stage, and it’s so easy to completely miss the mark and give something they won’t use at all. But if there is one trend to keep an eye on this year, it’s Hatchimals. The next step from a Tamagotchi, a Hatchimal is a fluffy stuffed toy which has a digitally activated shell that lets it interact with the child from inside until it hatches. Beyond that, the Hatchimal needs care and attention, making it a fully immersive digital pet.

10: Unique jewellery.

Shopping for teenage girls is an absolute nightmare. If yours isn’t big into trends and isn’t a big reader, but is too old for a Hatchimal or another toy, consider getting her a unique piece of jewellery. An item of jewellery with her name on it, or her birthstone, or some cute design, will go down a treat and most likely be worn every day until she’s sick and tired of it or loses it.

11: Scrooge Christmas CD.

The Scrooges among us are the worst to shop for. They don’t like Christmas, they can’t get into the spirit, but you have to get them something or you’d feel as bad as them. Anything truly festive is out the window, but often they resent getting presents specifically for Christmas, and will feel as though you either held back on them by waiting to give it, or only think of them when you have to. So a little token gesture to show them you care and understand them could be to get them a Scroogy CD of all their favourite anti-Christmas songs.

12: A drink.

Tis the Season to get another drink. You can’t go wrong with getting someone a nice bottle of their favourite alcohol this time of year. Perhaps a nice red will go down a treat. Or maybe they’re more of a champagne person. Or perhaps a spirit drinker could get a gift set to help with their favourite tipple. That said, it’s never a bad idea to try something new. A luxury drink for the whole family could be lovely, or a novelty drink for the hard-to-please young adults of the house.

And if you’re not one for requesting a gift wrapping service, don’t forget to order some wrapping paper, ribbons and tags to arrive on time, making sure that your presents are beautifully presented in time for giving. Our top picks for original wrapping which will stand out beneath the tree are these adorable reindeer, this glamorously festive silver, and this subtle gold shimmer.