Popular Vacation Destinations of Movie Stars

If you are a successful movie star you can afford to vacation almost anywhere that you would like, and most of them do. These days it is easy to spot celebrities almost everywhere in the world. What kind of vacation spots to Movie Stars prefer? Those that offer a bit a seclusion combined with a […]

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How Does Netflix Work?

Netflix launched in 1997 by Reed Hastings and was created to be a viable and easy alternative to renting movies, primarily VHS tapes at the time from a video store. Netflix at the time only had DVD films which they shipped to the user’s address and with which they could keep until they were finished […]

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Watching Movies Online

It’s About Time We Can Watch Movies Online Without Downloading If we stamp our feet hard enough, seems we get what we want from the film and technology industries that provide top-notch entertainment. Once just a Pollyanna vision of the future, today we can watch movies online without downloading from a pick of high-quality providers […]

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