2014 10 Spring Movies You Must See

spring movies

2014 Spring Movies

The long hard winter is finally starting to fade away, and that can only mean one thing, the massive release of springs movies some destined to help their stars garner academy awards and some destined to fade into obscurity. Of course few people are going to be able to see every single new release, so we have devised a list of those ten spring movies that are really worth going to.

Monuments Men

This movie has a little bit of everything, it’s a war story for those who like action adventure movies, it has George Clooney which will draw in the women, and it’s based on a true story that is an interesting part of World War II history which will draw in history buffs. The movie is based on a WWII unit that was formed to save Europe’s most valuable treasures from the Nazi. www.monumentsmenmovie.com

The Monuments Men – HD Official Trailer

The Divergent

Designed to catch the attention of those who enjoyed the “Hunger Games” the Divergent finds people divided into set factions based completely on personality traits. Shailene Woodley sets outs to discover why. divergentthemovie.com

DIVERGENT Official HD Movie Trailer

Girl Gone

When a woman disappears on her 5th wedding anniversary, suspicion falls on the husband who doesn’t help his case with his evasive answers to police questions and his bitter attitude. www.imdb.com

The Singles Mom Club

Tyler Perry takes an amusing and quite realistic look at some of the challenges that single mothers face. A must see for any woman raising kids on her own, who longs for a little support. www.thesinglemomsclub.com

The Singles Mom Club Trailer


For those who like psychological thrillers, this movie is sure to please. When a college lecturer sees a minor actor in a movie looks just like him, he is determined to stalk and meet him. enemy-movie.com

Enemy Official HD Movie Trailer

Winter’s Tale

For those who like supernatural love stories, Winter’s tale is sure to please. When a burglar breaks into a home and ends up holding a dying woman in his arms he falls in love. Discovering he has the power of reincarnation he sets about to resurrect her. The story takes place in mythical New York and spans more than a century. www.winterstalemovie.com

Winter’s Tale Official HD Trailer

Draft Day

Another Kevin Costner sports day, this time centered around the General manager of the Cleveland Browns and the decisions he needs to make for the opening day of the 2014 season. www.draftdaythemovie.com

Draft Day Official Trailer HD

Heaven is Real

This movie is for those who believe in a higher power outside themselves. When a young boy has a near death experience his parents (father Gregg Kinnear) finds out that he has communicated with those all ready departed.

Greg Kinnear Movie – Heaven is for Real Official Trailer HD


No start to a movie season would be complete without a good SciFi thriller which is exactly what you get when Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman team up in this “man vs. Machine movie.” When a terminally ill scientist downloads his mind into a computer to give himself some sort of immorality, he turns the machine into a dangerous and deadly monster. www.transcendencemovie.com

Transcendence Official Trailer Movie HD

Perfect Sisters

A pair of abuse sisters plot and carry out the murder to their mother to keep her from having to move in with mother’s even more abusive boyfriend. This movie is a look at how murderous fantasies can easily become reality.

Perfect Sisters Official HD Trailer


Of course there are also several children and family movies on offering this spring, and perhaps the most colorful and fun of these movies is RIO2. The entire cast of the original RIO is back and joined by a host of other colorful characters as they visit the Amazon. This film should be fun for the entire family. www.riomovies.com

RIO2 Trailer Clip

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